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How to Make a Graduate Visit Event Worth Your Time

Written by Baylor School of Social Work Team on 10.21.22

A graduate school admissions event is a little like going to a buffet — there’s a lot to take in. You might feel overwhelmed at all the possibilities. You might even doubt it’s the best way to experience everything being offered. 

But unlike a buffet that might leave you with indigestion and a few regrets, an open house should be a positive experience from beginning to end. If all goes to plan, you’ll leave feeling more confident and prepared for your graduate school career. 

For prospective Master of Social Work (MSW) students at Baylor, events like the Fall Preview Day aren’t just a time to see the campus and talk to admissions. Our events are designed to give you the whole GSSW experience; you’ll form connections, discover opportunities and explore ways you can make a difference with an MSW.

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For the most part, the onus for making the day successful is on the school you’re visiting. But there are a few things you can do to help make the day even better.

Do some prep work the night before

There’s nothing wrong with submitting your RSVP and then showing up with an open mind on the day of the event. But you’ll get more out of it if you do a little bit of preparation beforehand, even if you’ve already researched the school more generally.

  • Either in your notes app or in an actual notebook, make a list of the things you’re most excited to see, do or learn more about while you’re on campus. Leave a little space by each one so you can write your initial impressions. You should also write down any questions or concerns you have about the program, prerequisites, requirements etc. so you can...

  • ... Be prepared to answer some questions, too. Almost any graduate school visit event will include time for prospective students to connect with the admissions and recruitment team. Make a good first impression with well-thought-out answers to their questions. Here are a few you can expect to answer if you attend an event at the Garland School:
    • Why do you want an MSW?
    • Why Baylor?
    • What motivates you to do social work?

Bring the right stuff to the event

You probably won’t need to have much with you on the day of the event, but there are a few things that will help the day pass more smoothly.

  • Make sure your phone is charged, so you can use your favorite maps app to and from the event, take photos, text your friends how much love it, etc.

  • Have a way to take notes. You’ll want to have somewhere to write down any important information, additional questions or fun facts you find. All Garland School event attendees get a scratch pad, so don’t sweat it if you’re coming to see us.

  • Check the weather. If the event is outdoors or you plan to take a campus tour, a quick peek at your weather app before walking out the door could save the day if the forecast calls for rain, snow, etc. Grab your umbrella, jacket or sunscreen if you might need it.

Take a minute to assess when you get home

Campus visits are busy days. There’s so much to see, do and think about that it can be tempting to transition straight into relaxation mode when the day is over. If you can muster the energy, take a minute to assess the experience.

  • Make a list of your first impressions, what you liked, and what, if anything, was missing while the information is still fresh in your mind. This will be especially helpful later on if you’re still trying to choose a program.

  • Email the admissions & recruitment team if you come home with more new questions than answers.

Discover your place at GSSW

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