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[New Resource] What Do Social Workers Actually Do?

Written by Baylor School of Social Work Team on 07.19.19

Ever wondered — what do social workers do? If I were to become a social worker, what would my typical roles and responsibilities look like? Am I cut out for the social work profession?

Choosing to pursue any career path usually begins with a lot of self-reflection and research, and the field of social work is no different. But often, after looking at a plethora of websites, guides, and other resources, many still find themselves wondering — but what is this profession really like?

Explore Baylor University’s digital resource page: What Do Social Workers  Actually Do?

That is why we are excited to bring you our latest digital resource, What Do Social Workers Actually Do? In it, you will find a quick and concise summary of the heart of the social work profession, the typical roles and responsibilities of a social worker, a look into where the field is headed in the future, and the expert opinions of seasoned social work thought leaders. 

Looking into the Guide

To learn more about what the life of a social work professional is really like, we invite you to explore our new digital resource. Here are a few glimpses into what you can find in this guide:

The Essential Characteristics of the Social Work Profession: Although the daily roles of a social work professional can vary greatly depending on which sector of social work you choose to enter, the essential characteristics of the profession remain the same. Learn more about the core responsibilities of every social worker and what roles you can expect in this career. 

Learn What Social Work Is Really Like from Baylor Faculty: In this resource, you will find personal testimonials from three of Baylor School of Social Work's expert faculty. These thought leaders put their decades of social work experience to work for you, as they share their thoughts on what it really means to be a social worker. 

Quiz: Is social work a good fit for you?: After reading endless testimonies and resources, it can still sometimes be difficult to decide if a career in social work might be a good fit for you. That's why our resource includes an interactive quiz where you can see just how good of a match you could be for this helping profession. 

The Future of the Field: Where is Social Work Headed?: The field of social work is continually evolving to meet the needs of the populations and individuals it serves. In this guide, you will find a glimpse into where the future of the social work field is headed and how that will affect the responsibilities of social work professionals. 

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Explore our digital resource — What Do Social Workers Actually Do? — to learn all about what a career in this profession is really like and to discover if a job as a social worker is right for you.


Posted by Baylor School of Social Work Team

We are the admissions team at the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, at Baylor University. We believe social work is about service and justice; it is about the dignity of individuals and the power of relationships; it is about integrity and competence, and our mission here is preparing social workers to do these things well. We hope you find our resources helpful and informative as you explore and pursue a degree in social work!